Family Rehabilitation Guidance

The purpose of hearing rehabilitation:

The importance of rehabilitation for everyone withhearing loss is to improve their life, study, and quality of work.

For newborn babies, the purpose of rehabilitation isto allow them to grow up normally without hearing loss affecting theircognitive and social skills. For children in school, making friends and helpingthem with their studies may be the most important goals.While for adults,rehabilitation is to get them back to normal work ,to deal with hearing losswith peace of mind and not to deteriorate relationships with family, friendsand colleagues.

There are four stages of auditory development:perception, discrimination, recognition, and understanding.


The success of communication depends on many factors:

Whether theenvironment is noisy or not

Whether appropriate hearing AIDS are worn correctly

Whether there is residual hearing

Are you tired

whether the correct communication strategy is used


From birth to three years of age is a critical periodfor children's language development, so the earlier you receive cochlearimplant surgery, the sooner you recover. Studies have shown that if a child isdiagnosed with hearing loss before 6 months and is promptly treated andrehabilitated, the language development by the age of 3 can reach the normallevel of peers.

For younger infants, parents should pay attention totheir "behavioral language" when they have auditory response:

Eyes wide open

Open the mouth

Cover the mouth

Watch carefully

Stop crying

Be frightened

Stop what he wasdoing, and continue When the sound is lower.

Turn your head or eyes in the direction of the sound

Stop sucking when he has a pacifier in his mouth

Finger his own ears (newborns will not do)

Each different child may react differently.

Excerpt from: Tye-Murray, N.(2014). Foundations ofAural Rehabilitation: Children,Adults and Their Family Members, 4th Edition.

Translation and adaptation: Jiang Lizhizhi,UW-Madison Communication Science and Communication Barrier BS; VanderbiltSpeech Language Pathology MS-SLP Candidate

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