Guidelines For Software Rehabilitation

NUROTRON provides online rehabilitation learning software for all NUROTRONcochlear implants. Download, install and learn from the following links:

You can also download the "Angel LanguageTraining" from the webpage.

Angel Language Training TM is developed for the needs ofelectronic cochlear implant users and hearing aid wearers to improve theirauditory perception. It is an improved version of the Computer AidedRehabilitation System (CAST) based on Tiger voice technology and the HoweInstitute.

Angel Language Training TM ‘s Features :

A phoneme-based acoustic contrasttraining protocol to enhance the brain's ability to distinguish betweendifferent phonemes (the cornerstone of speech perception).

Psychoacoustic-based adaptive speech noiseprotocol to improve listening, communication skills and strategies in everydaylife;

Comprehensive sound materials andadvanced signal processing to simulate the "real world" listeningenvironment;

An organic combination of training andassessment to track hearing over time and hearing improvement during training.

A large number of scientificexperiments and research projects have proven the effectiveness and efficiencyof training protocols and training programs.

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